The Top 5 Places To Find Vintage Clothing Online

find vintage clothing online

Shredded denim jeans and dressy sweat pants may be the rage these days, but there’s still a lot of people who LOVE vintage clothing. You can go online now and see many websites offering vintage clothes that will surely catch your attention.

Find Vintage Clothing Online

Whether it’s halter style dresses reminiscent of 1950s fashion, pin-up girl look from the ‘60s or bellbottoms of the 1970s, there are many vintage dresses that you can find online.

Classic dresses simply won’t go out of style. There will always be a market for vintage clothing. You can simply look at almost any runway and see ladies wearing vintage cocktail dresses.  Even visionary designers admittedly take inspiration from clothes of decades past.

After all, the fashion world is just like a circle. What was old a few years ago can become new again in the next couple of years.  Vintage is versatile. It can be fresh again depending on how you wear it. Think about this—mix and match an old pair of denim jeans with accessories such as pins, and you can have a brand-new look.

Qualities of vintage clothing

Aside from vintage being versatile, there are other reasons why vintage clothing will always be in demand:

  1. It’s superior quality.  Contemporary clothing can’t match the quality of vintage clothes, except perhaps those made by high end luxury brands. Clothing was constructed to last a lifetime particularly those designed in the ‘60s and ‘70s. 
  2. Moreover, it is not uncommon to find vintage clothes with details like generous hems and French seams. These luxurious details were present even on the most basic garments. You’ll be hard pressed to find these details in today’s dresses, even in those that cost hundreds of dollars.
  3. It’s unique.  Simply put, it’s almost impossible to walk into another room and find another person wearing the same clothes when you wear vintage garment.  This is probably the reason why a lot of Hollywood royalty elect to come dressed to a party in vintage clothing, because they won’t see another celebrity wearing the same garment.
  4. It’s an investment itself.  Like vintage cars, clothes don’t lose value. This is particularly true with the collectible market for vintage clothing these days, and the demand for old garments. Suffice to say, vintage clothes such as Levi’s bell bottoms or wiggle dresses from the ‘50s will no longer be produced. Because they are harder to find, these items of clothing will become more valuable as time passes by.

Where to Buy Vintage Clothes Online

If you’re looking for vintage clothes on the Internet, here are some sites you might want to visit:

1. Monster Vintage

It’s one of the best online sites to shop for vintage clothing with its large collection of clothes. You’ll also appreciate the site for being very organized, which makes it easier to find a particular item of clothing. You’ll see a lot of old Levi’s jeans, Pendleton knits and even leather jackets from the ‘80s. Men who like vintage clothing should particularly visit the site.

2. Asos Marketplace

This site is home to some of the best vintage boutiques from around the world. The online store implements a zero tolerance policy vs. counterfeit products, so you can be assured that any product you buy from it is legit. Payments are made through PayPal.

3. Beyond Retro

Every week, thousands of vintage clothes are added to this website. This is the online retail shop of one of the biggest vintage shops in the United Kingdom. Beyond Retro has a wide range of men’s vintage clothes in the UK, including jackets, jeans, and shirts from top brands like Wrangler, Ralph Lauren, and Dior. You’ll find vintage clothing from various eras, from the ’50s to the ‘90s. 

4. Instagram Accounts

Instagram is the social media site or app that you should go to if you’re looking for old yet still fashionable clothes. There are a lot of accounts there that specialize in vintage clothes such as The Vintage Twin (@THEVINTAGETWIN).

This New York City-based retailer offers numerous old-school band teas, flannels, and high waisted denim. If you’re looking for varsity jackets from the ‘50s or mint conditioned coats, this is the account that you would want to follow on Instagram.

Another Instagram account that you should follow is Lost and Found Vintage (@LOSTANDFOUNDVINTAGE).  This online reseller is based in Detroit and has built a good following thanks to its nice mix of retro pieces going all the way back to the ‘3-s. You’ll also find camp T-shirts from the ‘50s and a lot of sweatshirts, too.

5. Farfetch

This is another good online marketplace for men hunting for vintage clothes. It has a sizeable collection of good, old clothes from the likes of Versace and Dolce&Gabbana.

Tips for Buying Online

You should keep in mind that in terms of the success rate of finding good vintage clothing online, it is naturally lower than personally visiting a store and trying on an item.  The safest bets for vintage clothes online are knitwear, blouses, and coats since these fit over several sizes.

When shopping online, look for accurate descriptions of the condition of the items. Descriptions may range from mint, excellent, good, fair, poor, soiled, and damage. Mint means rare and pristine.  Excellent means that the cloth is in sound condition and appearance. Good means the item of clothing is wearable but there are repairs to be made. 

Read reviews of other customers. This will give you an idea on whether you should trust the online reseller. Scan for comments on the size, fit, and quality of the material you’re looking at. Pay attention to available sizes and styles, for example: do they have plus sizes or do they carry alternative punk, rock styles, etc…

Moreover make sure that you understand return policies. Prepare yourself for the occasional disappointment when shopping for vintage clothes online. It pays to be prepared and familiar with the return policies of the online vintage clothe seller you’re buying from. Buy only from those that offer free returns as you will be protecting yourself from the occasional disappointment we mentioned.

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